Who is charlie mcdonnell dating

The young star even release his debut solo album in 2010, but has since announced that he has no current plans to release new music.Since then, Charlie has turned his hand to creating "Fun Science" shorts in order to explain the world of science to the internet generation.He first started broadcasting on You Tube in 2007 when he was just 16 years old and on June 15, 2011 he became the first ever UK You Tuber to gain 1million followers.Did a little photoshoot for the Fun Science book recently!THESE days a million subscribers on You Tube is child's play compared to Zoella's army of 11million or Pew Die Pie's 55million.

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Mc Donnell was born and raised in Bath, Somerset to parents Lindsey and Mark.

He's also spoken candidly about suffering from anxiety and depression.

In one video he said: "I've suffered from anxiety all my life and depression - from about 16 - which is coincidentally when I started You Tube...

"Don't know whether those two are connected, but pretty sure they are!

" He's also created videos with big name brands such as Sony, Disney, the BBC and Tommy Hilfiger and lent his voice to the lead role in video game Volume, created by Mike Bithell.