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The site will analyses both resumés and job offers to suggest ideal jobs for registers. Wang and Li Company (in English) Wang and Li Company is a major human resources services provider in Greater China since 1994.It specializes in the recruitment of bilingual professional talent for top international companies in China.Some of its services include resume submission, job search and job forums. (in Chinese) Founded in 1997 and headquartered in Shenzhen, is one of the earliest HR service platform.It provides job seekers with career information, career planning, job recommendations and special recruitment.

Its Hong Kong version site provides job seekers with resume posting, job search, career information and job advice. China Hot (in English) China Hot is an English classifieds and community site.The dating and marriage practices in the Korean peninsula can be kind of old-timey," says Madden.Kim's wife was reportedly upset about his alleged affair with Hyon, but her lack of political power means there's nothing she can do if she's also perturbed by the pop star's recent elevation in the ruling party. Whether Hyon Song-wol was involved is a different question," according to Madden.The Telegraph is exclusive media partner for Clearing - visit our Clearing hub to find out more about how to apply for these courses.Here at Mashable, we’re trying hard to help you stay afloat and succeed in the current economic crisis.