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For spells of fidelity and for a peaceful home, wrap hairs around the munaiwarmi figure, which depicts a clothes, standing couple.

The typical Munaiwarmi is quite simple and stylized.

The name "Argentina" is derived from the Latin argentum ("silver").

La Plata Basin does not have any sources of silver, but the first Spanish conquerors arrived to the area following rumors of the existence of silver mountains, hence the name.

We also offer a "Wedding Stone" -- a more elaborately carved and realistic artisanal piece with the same magical intention.

1" x 1 1/2", Hand-Carved Munaiwarmi White Soapstone, stylized.

The huge nation of China is home to people from diverse cultures who follow a variety of Animist, Buddhist, Confucian, and Taoist traditions.

"The awakened, the enlightened man says: I am body entirely, and nothing beside; and soul is only a word for something in the body. Your little intelligence, brother, which you call "spirit", is also an instrument of your body, a little instrument and toy of your great intelligence."Original quotation in German: Aber der Erwachte, der Wissende sagt: Leib bin ich ganz und gar, und Nichts ausserdem; und Seele ist nur ein Wort fuer ein Etwas am Leibe. Werkzeug deines Leibes ist auch deine kleine Vernunft, mein Bruder, die du Geist nennst, ein kleines Werk−und Spielzeug deiner grossen Vernunft.Burma is a Southest Asian nation ruled by one of the most brutal military dictatorship on the planet.The region has a rich spiritual history that has been violently supressed by a pack of fascist ghouls.The classic Wolf Man fits this trope perfectly: a normal human most of the month but a rabid wolf/wolfman under a full moon.The title of this trope is a paraphrase of Friedrich Nietzsche's declaration that the mind and soul are completely illusory products of one's physical brain and body (page quote).