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This is apparently a war crime, although shelling Misrata is not a war crime, just war.

Meanwhile Russia, whose strategy is to keep the stalemate in Libya going on as long as possible, in order to keep Nato forces pinned down, continued to apply pressure.

Haaretz Iran's foreign minister has announced its desire to renew diplomatic relations with Egypt, and is now waiting for the Egyptians to take a similar decisions.

However, some officials in Egypt are hesitant, for fear that renewing relations with Iran might isolate Egypt from the other Arab countries; undermine its leading position in the region; compromise its sovereignty, as a result of Iranian interference; lead to "Shi'itization" and thus to sectarian schism; and compromise Egypt's interests in the Gulf.

Comments may be posted anonymously.) Iran seeks to renew diplomatic relations with Egypt This morning's key headlines from Generational When formalized, these would apply an arms embargo and a ban on equipment used for repression such as body armour, explosives or vehicles that carry weapons.

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Thus, German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle released a statement saying, "Hamas is not a dialogue partner for us because we dont work with organizations that fight with violence against Israels right to exist." (Ynet) The situation is even more complicated in the United States, where it's against the law to provide aid to organizations that have been designated as terrorist.

Russia says that a ground war is near Tunisia's interim government issued a sharp rebuke to the Libyan regime of Muammar Gaddafi on Friday, after Gaddafi's forces crossed the border into Tunisia in pursuit of Libyan rebels, according to the AP.

On Friday, 15 Libyan military vehicles, carrying troops armed with anti-aircraft guns and rocket launchers, crossed the Libyan border and reached the Tunisian town of in Dehiba (Dhuheiba) where many Libyan rebels were staying, with the intention of being out of reach of the Libyan army.

The Palestinian political platform was in dispute, due to the terms set by the Quartet.

"Now the Quartet has become obsolete, along with its terms, and it is not taken too much into consideration.