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It is not the only trucking company that will hire you just the quickest.

Again, it's not impossible to find other a local trucking jobs or trucking companies that will run you back in every weekend.

Those are the plain box trailers that you see most often being pulled down the highway by a big truck.

It is the cheapest freight to haul and usually requires no special attention unless placarded.

People often ask if trucking driving jobs still make a good choice in 2017 especially with the talk of autonomous trucks coming?

You must ask correctly.(ask, "Can I drive local/regional/etc as a new driver? These obviously are not as easy to find or get hired at for a new driver but they exists. Some of you have been told that you would be able to find a local trucking job straight out of trucking school.Sherwin Williams, Wal-Mart, Poly Corp, Ashley, etc.To get these truck driving jobs you will usually need experience of at least 1 year (up to 3 is not unusual) and a clean driving record.You shouldn't be surprised that if while you are there, you prove yourself to be an asset to the company and not a liability they will want to make you happy and keep you.For an even higher paying trucking job, you would need to specialize, which you would need experience for.