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Society was organized upon the clan system, with descent in the male line, the chiefs being rather custodians for the tribe than owners, and having no power to alienate the tribal lands. Unknown, 06/06: Thanks but need to know if religion was important in their life! but you should really get more on the rulers and not the gods. ivona tinkle, 30/05:need more on the maya rulers otherwise very good Keenan, 26/05:this site is very good for information about mayan society and cicilzations. thank you ELLE, 31/01: I think you should write about the famous leaders that the Mayans followed.

Game, fish, and the salt marshes were free to all, with a certain portion to the lords. unknown, 12/06:was helpful but not enough info student, 07/06: Thanks alot! Elizabeth, 31/05:oh, also get alot more on their religion, what ceremonies they did, etc. natasha, 22/05:but you could have added a bit on mayan MYTHS ello, 18/05: Hye, u have great info here! I got lots of great info for my big repoart and i am very plzed with it, but i need more info on the gods and socety, cultre, rulers and what they knew then (their knowledge).

The most important tribes or nations, after the Maya proper, were the Quiche and Cakchiquel of Guatemala.

All the tribes of this stock were of high culture, the Mayan civilization being the most advanced and probably the most ancient, in aboriginal North America.

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The earliest evidence of the Maya civilization is found in the southern region.

At Izapa carvings depict gods that were the precursors of the Classic deities and at Kaminaljuyu glyphs on stelea foreshadow the Maya writing system. The central region includes the southern lowlands, from Tabasco in the Northwest to Belize and Guatemala's Motagua River region in the southeast.

On public occasions the king appeared dressed in flowing white robes, decorated with gold and precious stones, wearing on his head a golden circlet decorated with the beautiful quetzal plumes reserved for royalty, and borne upon a canopied palanquin.

The provincial governors were nobles of the four royal families, and were supreme within their own governments.