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Speaking with Seattle journalist Katy Sewall for the BBC, Lisa Mann said her daughter started feeding the crows sporadically in 2011.

The family set up a robust feeding operation two years later after she realized her daughter had formed a bond with the birds.

Gabi fed crows and pigeons for years at the family’s Portage Bay neighborhood home. Writing the court, attorney Justo Gonzalez said inspections of the Manns' home by King County health authorities found no evidence the feeding operation had attracted rats or other pests.

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The matter is currently scheduled to go to trial in August, though most civil lawsuits are settled out of court.This is all changing though as AI and insurance become more acquainted.The proliferation of AI has the potential to disrupt the industry and greatly improve customer experience.The crow-feeding Seattle family facing a lawsuit from angry neighbors now says the flock is no nuisance. In their lawsuit, two neighbors – Matt Ashbach and Christine Yokan – described a horde of vermin drawn to the East Shelby Street home.Lisa and Gary Mann’s neighbors sued in August, six months after the couple’s eight-year-old daughter Gabi became an overnight sensation. They claimed Lisa and Gabi Manns' feeding operation attracted birds in large numbers, with commensurately large quantities of droppings, reminiscent of “The Birds.” The Manns formally responded to the lawsuit late last week, claiming the scene described by their neighbors was inaccurate and exaggerated.