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The ADL has now suggested the one-handed "OK" symbol alone is not a sign indicating white supremacy.

“Has the simple thumb-and-forefinger “OK” hand gesture become a white supremacist hand sign,” the organisation asked in a blog post.

Smith, 31, of Field Road, Bridlington, was found guilty of the same offence after a 30-minute trial, which was held in his absence.

Hirst said at the time the video was released: “I’m very open-minded about sex and public places — I love the thrill you may get caught.

Today the couple - who live apart - were both slapped with a six month curfew order banning them from leaving their own homes after 7pm.

Magistrates ordered Hirst to serve a 12-month community order.

“But obviously I never thought we’d get caught like this and end up all over the internet.” Smirking builder Craig, 31, said: “After ordering the pizza we talked about all the places we’d had sex with each other. Domino’s is definitely now our number one - going to be hard to top it.” The issue is complicated.

The Anti-Defamtion League (ADL) issued the clarification after two journalists known to be supporters of Donald Trump made the sign while standing behind the podium at the White House press briefing room.They also told her to carry out 10 days of rehabilitative activity. ” when he was ordered to carry out 200 hours of unpaid work by magistrates.He later told reporters to "get f****d" outside court when they asked for a comment.Hirst squirmed in the dock today as the steamy 18-minute footage showing the pair in the pizza shop in February was played to the court.She had later described her behaviour as "horrendous" and she "cringed" when watching the CCTV footage back during police interview.