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well, there were a couple of guy tales that I just think they made up, since they read like fantasy excerpts!

For instance: This is such a great example of how love can prevail if we just throw away our list of check boxes.

Which, almost always, makes us want to make the difference.

I believe my reviews are more credible when I share both the good and the bad.

Desigur când faci mulți de-odată ești în al nouălea cer, dar apoi cobori și ești iarăși pe pământ cu problemele de zi cu zi.

Asta s-a întâmplat și pentru că trecerea de la clan la trib implica oameni care nu erau de la mine din familie și, deci, nu prea vroiam să împart cu ei munca mea, pentru că nu sunt de-ai mei.

But what makes them really attractive is their attention and love for their kids, which universally and with no exception, appeals to all women that have at some point experienced “daddy issues”!

When it comes to the “Ex-wife subject”, more than often, she is the one that didn’t understand them, didn’t support them enough and didn’t make it work in general…