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Is he smiling at you, or does he smile at everyone?

Be aware that many people put on a 'friendly' mask at work.

Leave him if he's married: You will win very little support for your relationship and you run the risk of his wife/girlfriend turning up at the office with a large tin of paint for your car.

Relationship psychotherapist Phillip Hodson says: 'It's not a crime to fancy someone but when there are families or other halves involved, you have to think of the consequences.'Flirt discreetly: Discretion is the key to a successful office romance.

Richard Isham, an employment lawyer at Wedlake Bell Associates, says: 'Office romances are usually frowned upon because of the issue of confidentiality.

For instance, a company would be worried if the head of IT was in a relationship with another employee.

Unlike pressure cooking on gas, or an electric coil, where the heat is generated by a flame or element and then transferred onto the base and sides of the cooker and eventually the food inside, induction cooking turns the pressure cooker’s base!

It will improve your chances for a long-term relationship.

Decide whether to confide in colleagues: If you don't want to be a regular feature of office gossip, it might be best to tell a few close colleagues about your romance.

But secret trysts in the boardroom and chance encounters in the lift can bring misery as well as intrigue to your working day.

Whether you're already romantically involved at work, or just thinking about it, here's how to be ten steps ahead of heartache - and unemployment.