Dating column abbreviations

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Date-time and number formats let you control how your data appears in a sheet.

If the previous non-literal token was hours or the subsequent one is seconds, then it represents minutes in the hour (no leading 0).

Otherwise, it represents the month of the year as a number (no leading 0).

We define ‘ITEM’ as text which is written in main ruled frames or columns, or a text either outside the ruled margins or in an interlinear position.

This is often used to align the decimal point in a column when using fixed-width fonts.

For example, the number format The first period represents the decimal point in the number. If you include a decimal point in the format, it will always be rendered, even for whole numbers.

For example, will render the word “Low” for values below 100, “High” for values above 1000 and a three digit number (with leading 0s) for anything in between.

Conditions can only be applied to the first two sub-formats and if a number matches more than one, it will use the first one it matches.