Dating an otr truck driver

Women are funny, many post talk of the "him" in the post, not coming around often enough..we all know what the responces say...him, he's playing you etc.

Here, some suggest its better he isn't around a lot...... Actually, you would have had better luck back then. A wonderful man is a wonderful man and that's not something I would pass on just because he is a truck driver. or is cross country truck driving really the high paying job, they claim it to be? However, I agree with your first post..chance at a successful relation is about as good as anyone good.

BBQ some dinner or get take-out and just enjoy each other’s company. For the stay at home spouse, find things to do that you genuinely enjoy doing, to occupy your spare time.

Get a chance to talk and stay ‘tuned’ to each other. Making a special appointment or date with your spouse is very healthy for a relationship. Try to avoid constantly stressing and worrying about what your trucker is doing 24/7. For the truckers who have spare time on their hands when on the road, there’s plenty of leisure activities: watching some tv, reading, call home etc.

as a matter of fact, you might want to actually use those words to describe what you're looking for in a partner, if you're not already.

i, for one, would welcome with open arms a LTR with a man who was around only 50% of the time.

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I'm 25 and an Over the Road Truck Driver, I know my career isnt the easiest one for dating, I am however tired of the stereotypes associated with my profession.

That dont aplly to all of them but, I drive up north on I-74 alot and those semi's are pretty dicey on that road.

……together with kids, in-laws, the neighbors, football buddies or friends, DOES NOT count.

Experts say happy couples get 2 hours per day and no less than 15 hours per week, total alone hours.

Unless your favorite song from the 70's is "Brandy" you chances are slim!

lol Or maybe you get on of those decals on your windshield which says,"' No Lot Lizards" might help your girl back home easy her fears...lolimo, your 25,wtf!