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In another attempt to cater to his insecurities, a controlling man will sever your outside ties completely.He feels insecure about any relationship you have that he does not take part in.In cases of extreme control, he may control your physical access to social interaction, by controlling your use of social media and a car.He may dissuade you from gaining education or professional work and qualifications in an attempt to control your time and limit your social outlets.These decisions could be about anything from living choices, clothing, how you spend your time, and how you spend your money.However, if he does allow you to make decisions, he may punish you for making what he sees to be the wrong one.

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In fact, according to Spring Tide Resources, women report that the emotional abuse affects them “just as much, if not more than physical abuse.” Unfortunately, 35 percent of women who are married or in common-law marriages have experienced emotional abuse in the United States.

In an attempt to prevent you from spending time with others, he may accuse you of being controlled by others, or call your outside friends “bad influences,” that are “trying to put a wedge” between you and him.

He may even take your time with others personally, and construe it as your failure to commit to the relationship.

He will then use this guilt to coerce you into behaving the way he wants you to.

A controlling man often disguises his need for control as love, concern, or hurt feelings.