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Every day, online students are earning degrees in fields such as nursing, teaching, business, technology, psychology and engineering. DO: Recognize it may have been a while since you’ve last been enrolled in school.

Many of these students start college by taking the general education courses they need for their degree through low cost online college course providers – and then transferring them into their degree program of choice. Things may have changed since then; particularly the role technology plays in education.

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DON'T: Assume that the online college courses you take will be less challenging or rewarding than courses taken on a campus.

Being an elected member of an Advisory Neighborhood Commission in the District comes with a multitude of responsibilities: weighing development plans, examining liquor licenses, fielding neighborhood complaints. Alibi” chat lines, in addition to making many other personal calls. Johnson, who has been a commissioner since 1993, said Thursday that he was not told there were any restrictions on the phone’s use when it was given to him about four years ago. Besides the 9,512 minutes Johnson spent on the 18-and-over chat lines, he spent 4,362 minutes on the line with a particular D. “It probably was political, but I just can’t recall what I could have talked to him for an hour about,” Johnson said, referring to a 60-minute phone call on Jan. “It’s not like a sex chat line or whatever,” he said. The records examined by The Washington Post included phone bills for 11 months between August 2011 and September 2012.

Not among them: frequenting adults-only chat lines. While it appears those calls did not add any significant expense to the commission’s 0-a-month phone bills, the use of a government resource for personal benefit violates city policy, said Gottlieb Simon, director of the D. “Often I get on the line just to keep me awake or alert while I’m driving home from Baltimore.” He spent six hours on one call, made at a.m. While Johnson regularly exceeds the 400 prime-time minutes he is allotted per month, his usage has not incurred significant additional cost to the ANC because its other four lines are used lightly or not at all.

These days online courses and online colleges and universities are a critical part of higher education – and must go through the same rigorous evaluation process as their on-campus counterparts.

According to data from the 2013 Survey of Online Learning study from Babson, 90% of academic leaders believe that it is likely that a majority of all college students will be taking at least one online course in five years time.